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This month we are starting out our vloggers of the month. On this page we will display our top vloggers that we feel deserved to be recognised. Their vlogging experience all varies and we are very pleased to share their journeys with all of our readers!

Justin Beardsmore

Blog Name:

Justin Beardsmore

Blogs Category:

Mens Fashion & Lifestyle

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Twitter or Instagram

When I started blogging:

I started Blogging three months ago 04/2015

My best post to date:


What I enjoy the most about blogging:

My favourite thing about blogging is sharing my opinion and taking the photos/videos. also meeting new YouTubers/bloggers is great too.

Who inspires me

who inspires the most are other mens fashion bloggers & vloggers people such as Cup Of Couple, Yummer time & Luca Fersko.

Best blogging advice:

My favourite piece of blogging advice is do what you enjoy, blog about something you enjoy and you wont loose interest. Don't try and force it blogging takes time and you will develop your own style just take your time & most importantly enjoy it.

What im working on for the future:

Im working on new video ideas and blog posts to help grow my small community and make it more enjoyable for my viewers/readers.

Thanks, Justin xo

We have lots more vloggers that will be appearing on our vloggers on the month page so stay tuned. If you would like to apply please email us here!